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Life in the Midwestern state of Ohio is all at once laid back and surprisingly exhilarating. From the mountainous beauty of the Appalachians to the beautiful Lake Erie coast, this is a state of great natural appeal and the home of Drug Detox Centers Cleveland. However, as idyllic and lovely as the great state of Ohio is, it is not without its fair share of problems and troubles. Drug Detox Centers Cleveland is here to help.


Drug Addiction in Ohio

cleveland ohio drug detox centersDrug Detox Centers Cleveland knows that just like anywhere else in the United States, Ohio has issues with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. In the year of 2014, unintentional drug overdoses were the leading cause of injury-related death in the state according to the Ohio Department of Health. And both Drug Detox centers Cleveland and the state government alike have found that the number of overdose deaths have been on the rise, up 20 percent in 2014 compared to 2013.

Opioids are by far and away the biggest drug addiction and overdose issue seen by drug detox centers and drug treatment centers in Ohio in general as well as in the Cleveland area. Drug Detox Centers Cleveland is aware that this trend includes both prescription opioids and as well as the illegal form of opiates, heroin.  Of course, addictions to meth, cocaine, and alcohol are also of significant concern in the area as well.


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Drug Detox Centers Cleveland knows that overcoming addiction takes more than willpower and good intentions. This is supported by studies and evidence presented by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. An addiction is a diagnosable disease and needs to be treated and dealt with as such. The primary characteristic of an addiction is that the person engages in compulsive substance abuse or consumption and has an inability to stop doing so even when faced with extreme and severe negative consequences.

The physical dependence to drugs or alcohol is broken through the detoxification process. Detox gets the substance out of a person’s system and gives the brain a chance to return to functioning normally without relying on the drug. Of course, this also means the person will experience withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, medical detox is the best choice for this process and is available through the highest quality drug treatment programs. Drug Detox Centers Cleveland is the resource that can help you escape addiction.   

Medical detox occurs under the care of medical professionals who can administer prescription medications to reduce the intensity of those withdrawals and even reduce the length of time that detox takes to complete. After medical detox, the treatment continues by addressing the original causes of the substance abuse behavior. These causes are then dealt with directly and coping strategies and mechanisms are developed to avoid future substance abuse.


About Cleveland Ohio

drug-detox-centers-clevelandCleveland is a lovely city located along the coast of Lake Erie. This makes for a lovely natural landscape with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities including numerous parks and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. For sports fans, Cleveland is home of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the MLB’s Cleveland Indians, and the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. There are also pro hockey teams, arena football teams, and professional soccer clubs.

Drug Detox Centers Cleveland has the treatment programs and information you need to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. All you need to do is contact us at (216) 666-2727 to get started.